Ways To Improve Instagram Followers Engagement

The engagement rate on any social media platform is considered as a measure of loyalty followers.

With smart algorithms and tons of creative competitors, it is harder than ever to increase follower’s engagement. Instagram engagement rate is essential to growing your account; it has been considered an important goal for any Instagrammers and social media marketers. Service providers like Trollishly benefit business of any size and shape with active user engagements on their profile.

Instagram is still one of the best places to market your brand online, build a community that supports your business, and gain a loyal following. Let’s discuss the actual strategy and some of the key parameters that can help your business or product gain more followers engagements.

Optimize Your Story

Instagram stories are a great visual place for spontaneous posts and some behind the scene actions, Businesses should put their time and effort to optimize your posts on Instagram.

To boost your exposure and engagement, include these factors in your stories:

A mention sticker- When you are working with other brands or reposting some user-generated content on your posts, it is really important to mention their account. That account may, in turn, repost, thank you for the mention, or even share them with their followers which creates a long way in building a community.

Add a location- Start tagging your location in your post to boost your exposure and improve engagements. People who search for that location on Instagram will be able to see your Instagram stories.

Add Hashtags- Adding hashtags in your stories combines and brings followers with the same interest. This would result in building a community of loyal customers.

Pay Attention To Your Hashtags

To increase your Instagram engagement, understanding which hashtags are driving more people to your post is really important. And also buy Instagram Views services to increase followers count which gradually increases account activity.

Once you are clear with your hashtag collections, it’s time to check how effective they are in Instagram analytics. You can view your Instagram insights to see how many impressions you have gained from hashtags. The stronger your hashtags are, the more impressions you can expect!

Conversate With Instagram Stickers

Instagram follower engagement is no longer just likes and comments; it also includes follower engagements from stories, brand hashtags, IGTV views and more.

Innovate your Instagram account by finding new ways for brands to engage with your followers in the form of different engagement story stickers

  • Spark a conversation with a good AMA (Ask Me Anything), and wrap up engagements, conversation, and customer feedback in one great post.
  • Get your customer opinion with the help of poll or vote stickers. And boost your customer engagements.

Collaborate With Influencers

Spend some time researching and connecting with profiles that are the right fit, and collaborate with the like-minded brands or Influencers to improve Instagram engagement.

When you find the right influencer and if you have a different product or target audience but stand for the same thing, your audience will value the partnership and will naturally be more engaged with the collaboration. The collaboration project will create an additional level of trust and loyalty that many businesses miss in getting engagements.

Reply To Comments

Turning off commenting gets worse!

The root of Instagram is community building. Replying to comments seems simple, but so many Instagram brands are still ignoring comments on their feed. How big your account becomes, spend time listening and responding to both negative and positive feedback.

Showing your followers that you are listening to them is going to help in building community and online conversations. The more likes, comments share your post gets, the more likely the algorithm will rank it as quality content and displays to a wider audience on the explore page. 


The secret in marketing success has everything to with your engagement rate on the platform. Experiment more to find the strategies that best increase Instagram engagement for your brand. These tips will go a long in helping you achieve success. The more trust, loyalty, and community you build with your Instagram followers, the more likely they will actively engage with your brand.